Independent Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance has always been a part of our standard production cycle. We also offer it as a standalone task, verifying that online or printed material is delivered with the highest quality and precision.

How can we help you?

DTP Labs provides professional, independent quality assurance for projects completed by third-parties. Our QA team is not only experienced to conduct review, rather our experience is valuable in assessing the output of a project and ascertain what areas do not match the project guidelines. If you would like us to, we can also implement the corrections at the time of review, and deliver amended files with a report as to what all we have changed.

How it works

  • We collect information about the project
  • Our team analyzes and contextually compares the source and target files
  • We recommend changes/improvement(s) wherever required
  • If required, implement the suggested changes
  • Deliver the files to the client

Benefits of using our services

  • Enhanced quality: We provide independent quality assurance services, fully studying the project specifications/guidelines/requirements
  • Reduce effort: We can help you to eliminate the need for hiring and training QA/QC professionals. You can save time and effort by eliminating a full-fledged QA team and concentrate on your core activities
  • Proficient talents: Our team is experienced in providing these services. We have in-depth knowledge and cross-industry reviewing experience
  • Reduce ownership cost: Our Independent Quality assurance services can help you to reduce costs by eliminating the need to set up additional resources such as hardware and software. Further, you don’t require any tools or test environment
  • Reduce time-to-market: We help to reduce the time-to-market by deploying the right team from the start of the project. Therefore, we can reduce your overall turnaround time