Localization of E-Learning Content

Taking one’s business global has its own set of challenges. E-Learning, for employers, offers a time and resource efficient way to train employees for enhancement of their skills and knowledge. It is also used by organizations to train their partners and customers to increase adoption, retention, and ultimately, revenue.


We have expertise in localizing courses in almost all languages, including Western (like French, Dutch, German, Portuguese), languages that use non-western scripts (like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai), and languages that use bi-directional scripts (like Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu).


We offer the following services to our clients to localize their E-Learning courseware:

  • Preparing your E-Learning course for localization
  • Localizing the courses using translations provided to us (including audio/video synchronization)
  • Bitmap and vector art localization

The perfect E-Learning localization destination

‘DTP Labs’ has years of experience in localizing E-Learning courses, online training, presentations and other materials related to training and development. We believe in delivering consistent, high quality content across a wide range of E-Learning formats and applications. We offer a comprehensive range of services such as integration of voice and subtitles, localization of assets including images, Flash animations, quizzes and interactions.


Our well-trained team has expertise in Articulate 360, Articulate Storyline 2 & 3, Lectora, Captivate, Presenter, Madcap Flare, Macromedia Flash etc. We have localized E-Learning content into over 20 languages, for a wide range of diverse clientele. Such a track record is evident of our proficiency, versatility and quality. This combined with our competitive pricing makes us stand apart and renders ‘DTP Labs’ as a clear favorite for E-Learning localization.


Our multimedia department can also handle OST (on-screen-text) localization, editing of audio tracks, subtitling and synchronization of voiceovers with localized video files.