Seven Tips to Reduce Translation Costs?

Is your company’s translation requirements increasing year after year while your budget for employing online translation services remains the same?

Do you understand how essential international business communication is, and this is the reason you do not want to compromise with the translation quality? Here are seven tips for reducing translation costs without compromising content quality. 

  • Always use company-specific terminology.

If you have access to the set of documents on the terminology used in your organization, provide such material to the translation agency. Your translation service provider will use it to create a database carrying all the relevant and recurring terms,  which their in-house translators can easily access. Such a thing will ensure consistent quality, reduced translation times and lower costs for subsequent orders. The more content requirements you send to your translation service provider, the better the terminology is maintained and the better results.

  • Create translation memories

Translation memories have proven to reduce translation costs. If you need to update, modify or adapt your business-related content to present circumstances, it will also be necessary to adapt them to the other company languages. The translation memory of your translation service provider makes sure that nothing is translated twice and also helps you save time and money without compromising the quality or consistency of your content. 

  • Guarantee good starting texts

If your source file contains figures in different formats, inconsistent terminology, inconsistent capitalization, or incorrect separations, the translation process will be slower and more expensive. For recognizing repeated statements, well structured and coherent source texts are necessary. Better writing style, terms and standards ensure a better understanding of product descriptions, instructions for use, documentation and web pages. All these things help to reduce your budget burden. 

  • Provide style guides

Are there specific rules in your company regarding the use of upper or lower case letters for writing product descriptions, names and articles? Are there specific rules regarding the format, structure or tone of the blogs? If yes, provide these rules to the translating company. This will allow your translation service provider to work faster with such information. If you are lacking the style guide, your translation service provider can develop one to ensure that the source text conforms to this style guide before the translator starts working on it. 

  • Avoid setting delivery times too short

The delivery time directly impacts the service cost. Your company may need to pay an urgent surcharge, especially if you do not want quality to be compromised. While placing your translation order, you must provide a suitable timeline to avoid hefty charges. 

  • Combine several short texts in a single order

If the deadline allows, combine several short documents into a single assignment. Such a thing will allow you to save money, as it takes the same effort for translation service providers to translate 20 words and 2000 in ten different languages. 

  • Encourage long-term collaboration

A translation service provider that your company completely trusts can offer you a more comprehensive package for your translation requirement than if you split the budget among different agencies. By collaborating for a long time, you will get lower estimates and receive optimal service thanks to synergies and expertise. 

By applying these measures into practice, you can easily reduce translation costs while ensuring that your translated content is of high quality. 

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