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An Overview on Video to Text Converter & PDF to Word Translation Ready

When looking for video to text converter, DTP Labs is the name that you can rely on. DTP Labs is a leading provider of audio and video transcription services. The company provides premier transcription services to business organizations, schools, language translation organizations, media, law firms, universities, and art institutes.

The things that make DTP Labs to stand apart

  • Multiple formats: The company is capable of converting audio/video files from any type of format, into the chosen format of your choice either PDF, text or doc. The company also delivers the completed transcripts as per the instructions, via secure FTP transfers or email.
  • Flexible Pricing Offer: The company offers flexible pricing options to match your specific requirements and budget. Clients can select to pay for every audio hour or minute. For huge transcription projects, DTP Labs also offer the clients a free trial option.
  • Top Quality Transcriptions: The correctness levels are more than ninety-eight percent and they at all times strive to get the quality standard set by the client. The transcription team consists of knowledgeable audio transcriptionists who are skilled to convert your files with the maximum levels of accuracy and quality. In addition to this, they also hire licensed proofreaders who check the transcribed files for mistakes.


PDF to Word translation ready

The conversion service from PDF to Word format is 100% CAT-tool compliant at DTP Labs. It runs another round of cleaning to make sure that needless characters, hyphens, page breaks, section breaks, tabs etc. have been removed, and all the text has been taken out and appears in the accurate reading order.

Benefits of PDF conversion outsourcing

  • Lessen operating cost by outsourcing PDF conversion tasks to DTP Labs, thus having more time to focus on the core business activities.
  • Payment is made after suitable delivery of service
  • Saves your in-house team from the bulky, arduous, and time-consuming procedure of PDF conversion
  • Avail fast turnaround time
  • The infrastructure is powered by the most recent in technology, both in terms of software and hardware giving them the advantage to work on several platforms with ease.
  • is devoted to offering a vast range of services and can be your only-point source of skills, covering the whole range of publishing. Working with us is like working with your individual team at an offshore location.
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