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All that you want to know about Video Transcription Services & PDF to Word Translation Ready

When it comes to audio and video transcription services, DTP Labs is the name that you can rely on. The company offers top-notch transcription services to business organizations, language conversion companies, media, schools, law firms, universities, and art institutions. Language customization experts have also profited from their correct audio/video transcription facilities.

Why select DTP Labs?

DTP Labs have executed several audio transcription projects successfully for the clients. They have garnered vast experience and gained acknowledgment in the field of transcription by creating well-timed delivery of correct, consistent and legible transcripts. The company is happy to share that they have the ability to convert and/or work with almost never ending range of formats. We have a well-experienced and devoted staff to carry out the transcribing task, and do not utilize software to convert your audio into text. We have a thorough system of quality checks in place for every project to make sure inflexible assurance of quality. Their expert transcribers carry within their portfolio transcription services related to video, business, conference and audio calls.

PDF to Word translation ready

Adobe PDF is a popularly-used file format in a digitally developing world. But, as PDF format is not editable, there is a requirement to convert PDFs to Word or any other editable set-up. Pointless to say, PDF conversion is a challenging task and the procedure requires several time and resources. Two options are there to get documents converted into an editable format: the first is to employ in-house employees and the second is to outsource it to an offshore company. As hiring an in-house team necessitates a significant amount of investment and the necessity of PDF conversions fluctuates, the ideal way is to outsource PDF conversion tasks. This is why companies like to outsource PDF to Word conversions to offshore companies.

DTP Labs have a team of professional document conversion specialists, who convert scanned as well as editable PDFs to Microsoft Word professionally and cost-effectively, with outstanding quality and correctness.

Organizations whether they are small and medium, across localization and translation, real estate, retail & e-commerce, healthcare, education, travel and hospitality, BFSI, logistics & transportation, management & consulting, publishing and research industries have lessened their costs successfully by outsourcing their PDF conversion requirements to DTP Labs.

The company assures the clients that their deliverables are executed in a correct manner, and with maximum use of the latest in transcribing technology.

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